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Bank: La Caixa

This is our La Caixa Bank page. We have listed the full address of La Caixa, phone numbers and websites. La Caixa is in London, La Caixa offers online banking, online saving and phone banking in London. We have bank phone numbers, fax numbers, bank maps of every local bank in London.

Bank Rank
La Caixa
16 Waterloo Place
London, SW1Y 4AR
Phone: 020 79306962
Fax: 020 79306963

All Bank Reviews

* Tony A

Needed help from them and they were great ANNA even phoned me back with more information after about 10 minutes.. I also have a good service from the bank in Spain ...

Jan 18, 2013
* Lilian Payne

Why is La Caixa from Spain refused to send a cash card to UK ? the money is just in the bank and we can not have an access here .I asked twice from last year and they promise they will send it to the branch here in London,nothing is happening....

Oct 7, 2012
* michael smith

La Caixa not responding to requests wrong telephone number on web site ...

Sep 4, 2012
* Kev

Was using this bank in Spain. But they seem to be acting for my ex still still in Spain. They wont tell me anything at all. Odd as its our account. Even when fraud was discovered they didnt want to know. I cant point my finger at corupt, but it all stinks. Couldnt trust them anymore....

Feb 14, 2011
* Trevor Blair

I have tried phoning and it goes blank emailing but not contact, does anyone know how to contact theses people ?...

Dec 15, 2010
* Mattew

I have been banking with this bank for ages,they are treating their custormers well and i use the bank atm as well in spain...

Apr 8, 2009
* Tracy

Does any one know who is the owner of this bank? ...

Feb 27, 2009
* fabiano colombo

Nice customer service. I called for a quick query about my account and Ana was very helpful. They have more info and details and are much more able to help than my own manager in spain. Keeo the good job regards,...

Feb 27, 2009
* Barry Speed

I cannot praise this bank enough. I invest with La Caixa in Denia, Valencia. The manager Marcus Ibars is the most efficient and knowledgeable bank manager I have ever had dealings with. Having said that contact any La Caixa bank and you will be treated respectfully. Managers are always available at the end of a telephone. No impersonal call centres here!! ...

Nov 7, 2008
* alvaro

Ethical bank based in Spain that is expanding abroad. There is an office in Pall Mall....

Jun 21, 2008
* albert

They do accounts in Spain and mortgages, efficient and low cost and heard they sponsor welfare projects....

Jun 6, 2008
* helen

Yes, Caixabank, there is branch in London, they were very helpful and sort out my mortgage in Spain....

Jun 6, 2008
* voigt

I know the bank \"la Caixa\". Friendly staff and good service, it\'s a major bank in Spain, very convenient, you find its branches everywhere, Barcelona, Mallorca, Canaries, everytime I go on holiday to Spain, I use their atms as well....

Jun 6, 2008
* Paul

I have never had anything to do with this bank apart from trying to stop them writing to someone who does not exist at my address. I have written to them 4 times, emailed them twice, and called both the London office and their head office in Spain and still they refuse to stop sending me their rubbish. I would never use this bank - not if it were the last bank on earth. ...

May 29, 2008

La Caixa Map:
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