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Bank: ICICI Bank

This is our ICICI Bank Bank page. We have listed the full address of ICICI Bank, phone numbers and websites. ICICI Bank is in London, ICICI Bank offers online banking, online saving and phone banking in London. We have bank phone numbers, fax numbers, bank maps of every local bank in London.

Bank Rank
21 Knightsbridge
London, SW1X 7LY
Phone: 020 72011000
Fax: 020 72011048

All Bank Reviews

* Aley Imran

open a new saving account,struggling to setup internet banking,received p/w by post,now p/w is will take 7-10 working days for password.there is help line 24/7.I called 10.00pm uk standard time. She told me call 5am uk time. I will continue later what happen. aley...

Aug 7, 2010
* Carol Anne Slater

opened a fixed rate account and tried to transfer my money out at maturity date and it was impossible It was like going round a greyhound race tract running after the rabbit passing the same scenary and arriving back at the start with do solution Do touch them with a barge pole...

Jul 5, 2010
* andrea

This bank was sent some money from my account by mistake - they still haven\'t returned it 6 months later!! Funnily enough was thinking of opening an savings account with them - won\'t bother now!...

Feb 24, 2009
* Bora Reddy

Hi, I requested the account manager online to transfer funds to australia on 15th July,it has been 9 days now still they has been no action on this up until now. The a/c managers mails are not at clear as to when the actual transfer would be. I tried speaking to the bank on 08081314151, the call is diverted to India, who can just give me an update on my balance after a 5 min verification other then that they cannot help on any other aspect. The advisor was not even able to give me a UK branch direct number to speed up for the delay. I made a bit mistake in opening an account with ICICI bank UK...

Jul 25, 2008
* dhanani

We opened a joint account but only got a cheque book for my husband to use.after numerous phone calls I am STILL not on the joint account. It seems like this is either a very incompetant bank or that,being a woman, I am not considered intelligent enough to use a bank account! Am I considered to be a third class person! Just made ANOTHER phone call, got nowhere, fobbed off and told lies AGAIN. going to CANCEL this account. Advise everyone \"dont touch this bank with a bargepole they are useless!!!!\" NOW HAVING TO SPEND 60 TO GO TO NEAREST BRANCH TO CANCEL!!!! ...

Jun 26, 2008
* Suresh Patel

I am really surprised Sue has problem with banking. First when i went on line i got fed up but once i sent e mail to Banking team it was just fine . I did not understand how to login. But having explained ,all is well. I am a happy customer. ...

Jan 31, 2008
* Sue Sunkel

ICICICI HISAVE have a terrible service. I have not been able to get into the internet banking for about two months now. I keep ringing the customer service number which seems to be in India. They give me different ID numbers saying they are correct.I go back to my computer but yet again fail to access my account. Its hopeless. I have given up on the money I put in to \'activate\' the account which thank goodness was only 10. ...

Jan 3, 2008

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