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Banco Santander Map:
Banco Santander
100 Ludgate Hill
London, EC4M 7NJ
Phone: 020 73327766
Fax: 020 72481004


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    Nilza on 13 Apr 2012
    I read some of the reviews here, and I must say I have never had any major problem with Santander provided services. Most branches, I have been the staff worked professionally and most of the time all my needs were met. I am sorry to read such poor reviews here. I am a customer for a couple of years and I am very pleased so far with the services provided by this bank.
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    Ginny W on 28 Jun 2011
    I took out a mortgage with Abbey National in Oct. 1998, have repaid the mortgage in full since 2000. Abbey has sent me the deed of the property. I am now selling the flat and my lawyer told me Santander has a charge on it! I have since tried to get the discharge. The mortgage people are unhelpful, the complaint department seems to function as a stone wall and just wait for me to go away. Does any body know how to get Santander to take away the charge on my property?
  • review icon
    David Janes on 07 Jun 2011
    The biggest most useless bunch of incompetent losers I have ever come across
  • review icon
    Adam on 07 Jun 2011
    Dont even think about switching to this bank!! Since being taken over by Santander my old Alliance & Leicester account & the customer service has gone down hill fast. Santander clearly havent got a clue about their customers needs and certainly do not value their clients. Two important pieces of documentation have gone missing since I opened an ISA with them in April 2011, they blamed the post office! I tried to log into my bank account today which has worked perfectly for years (Alliance & Leicester) only to find that I now have to wait for another login code to be sent after they cancelled the service. I am a professional person who does not usually moan, but Im afraid after this appalling episode I will be moving banks.
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    Mrs Unhappy on 10 May 2011
    Very little attention to the client they all act as if they can't see anyone the manager never approachable don't want the hassle it looks as though he has told the staff that he/she is not available.
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    V E Krikorian on 28 Apr 2011
    Clearly the worse bank in the UK, should be investigate by the FSA for the methods they have adopted since taking Alliance & Leicester. Yet the UK Government stand by watching without doing anything. My complaint shall be directed to the Banking Ombudsman.
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    Jose Rosas on 28 Apr 2011
    Don“t waste your time on Santander. We requested to move from our current bank to Santander. After sending the documentation by post 3 times, 6 times by fax and a lot of time and money wasted on calls to the support centre, We haven't received any positive or negative feedback about our application. We are giving up at last. Poorest service from a Bank I have seen so far. Jose,
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    Eddy on 13 Apr 2011
    My wife and I went on holiday last week to Portugal and took with us both Euro & UK£ American Express Travellers cheques purchased herwe in the UK.Upon visiting a local Portugese branch of Santander we were advised that they could not cash any as this service is only available to their local customers.We were unable to cash ANY of our Travellers cheques anywhere in the resort and had to revert to using our credit card to obtain cash.Upon our return today my wife went to our local branch and the girl cashier said "Ooh American cheques" when my wife pointed out exactly what theyu were she asked where we had been in America!!Anyway, after signing the cheques in the presence of said cashier my wife was told that they could not put them into our credit card account - she went back to the travel agency where we originally bought the cheqyues only to be told that because they had been 'double signed' there was a possibility that they could not be cashed, by this time she had phoned me and I was there with her. Anyway they eventually cashed them but informed us there was a UK£ 15 fee for doing same. We went back to Santander and and I complained about the whole affair, however, it was obvious I was not getting anywhere. We previously banked with Bradford & Bingley and stayed with Santander when thibngs changed, thinking it was better for us.....I now wonder !!
  • review icon
    M Fowler on 02 Apr 2011
    Santander Cards-28 days to look at a query, could not find the money even though i gave them all the details of the supense account it was sitting on. no letter, no appology, ringing India is a waste of breathe, even more so if you ring the UK customer service, 3 days after I get a letter to say its sorted--it took 2 months I get a debt recovery letter incompetant, useless, don't take out a deal through COMEt, they use these no hopers. No dept talks to any other. Will never have any dealing again if it involves this company.
  • review icon
    Ex-santander on 28 Mar 2011
    I worked at Santander for three years and it is very telling that few of their employees actually have accounts with them. On more than one occasion I was 'carpeted' for telling customers the truth about the negative attitude at Head Offices and for being "too helpful"! if you're too helpful it means you're using up too much time and as the cliche goes: time is money. Once, ironically, I was given a 40 minute long dressing down after having helped an 84 year old veteran of the French Resistance whose wife had died and needed advice on finding her accounts going back several decades. This was because I'd spent too long talking to him. These management types at Santander really are that vile.This bank is utterly incompetent and the further up you go in the company the more incompetent they are. In my time there I dealt with, literally, thousands of complaints from customers and very very few were ever properly resolved because the attitude of the bank is simply about profit. Most banks will be the same, no doubt, but Santander is the only one I've worked for and they are terrible.
  • review icon
    Olwyn Gibson on 10 Jan 2011
    Having banked with Girobank forever, when Alliance & Leicester took over the service went down making us consider changing banks. Now that Santander have taken over - it's just a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!! No wonder Spain is in the trouble it is - give us back our own bank. My husband lost his wallet around 8/10 weeks ago. Tesco were absolutely brilliant when I rang to tell them. Santander were an absolute NIGHTMARE!!! We have now had 4 replacement cards 3 of them were sent out wrongly - the letter would have one of our names on and the card would have the other's name on (Mr J Gibson received Mrs O M Gibson's card and vice versa !!) and I've lost count of the number of PINs we've received - none of them worked with any of the cards. All this over the Christmas period too - not the best time to be left without being able to access cash from a machine. The last cards actually came addressed correctly - YIPPEE. Then the PIN numbers arrived - one for me and TWO for my husband!!! Mine doesn't work and one of my husband's doesn't work BUT one of them actually DOES work - again YIPPEE, so we were able to get some cash from a machine yesterday. Nationwide are in the process, as we speak, of transferring everything from Santander, over to themselves. We've never had a problem with Nationwide (long may it last - fingers' crossed), and as soon as the process is completed we will be FREE of SANTANDER forever HOPEFULLY. If you are considering SANTANDER, do yourself a GREAT BIG FAVOUR .......... DON'T GO THERE. You have been warned!!!!!!! Olwyn Gibson (Carlisle, Cumbria) 10 January 2011
  • review icon
    Maria on 04 Jan 2011
    I can see from this catalogue of complainers that I am not alone in condemning the total lack of customer service from Santander. They took money from my husband's account for a standing order which never went anywhere and despite numerous trips to the bank and phone calls the money has never been returned. Needless to say he is taking his money elsewhere!!!!
  • review icon
    Stefan Struve on 24 Dec 2010
    I found santander to be buy far the best bank i have used. They give the best rates on my money and the branch i use are always happy and helpfull. They all seem to be very knowledgeable which i cant say for other banks i have used ( i.e. lloyds, barclays) .
  • review icon
    Deborah From North Yorkshire on 21 Dec 2010
    I am at nervous breakdown stage. I cannot use my credit card without the the need to call and go through security, my card has a fraud block put on every day, yesterday I had to drive in the snow to a Santander branch I had never been to before with my passport and proof of address to have the block lifted. This was done. Today the block has been re applied. I have had to move £2000 from my Santander savings account into my Santander current account so I can do my Christmas shopping using my debit card. Some people may not have been able to do this. I need to move all my accounts to a new bank. Any suggestions. This bank is appalling the stress this has caused me is immense, and it's not over yet, as I need to go through the pain of moving all my accounts. I wish I'd never joined, I didn't have any issues with Alliance and Leicester. I'm on here looking for a contact number for their head office, but it's constantly engaged. I think the finance Ombudsman should close them down. I will be writing again ( 4th complaint in 3 months ). But they don't contact you or do anything they just send a standard letter. I'm worried that every time I try to buy something and it's declined they make me tell them my card number, expiry date, my date of birth and 3 digit security code on the back. Anyone in the shop could record that detail now with iPhones etc.... and could have all the info they need to make purchases over the phone. Their ineptness is a risk to my financial security and something needs to be done. Their staff don't care, and when I say I'm moving to another bank they don't even comment and carry on with their script. I absolutely hate this bank. I've wasted god knows how much money calling them, my time, and feel life has been shortened due to the total stress they cause. AVOID FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH.
  • review icon
    Mr.unfortunate on 12 Dec 2010
    The interest rate of these unfortunate bank is just rediculous.In 2010 personal loan interest offered is 16.8% where as in HSBC it is 8.5%.The debenams store card [sandander],there is no where you can pay the bill with out a direct debit or additional servise charge in other banks,it is strange that even in the sandander bank if you go and try to make a payement they wont accept it,they want the customers to be levied late fee[payment direct to their account it takes 3-5 days ].To change the direct debit fee £25.00.I wonder in the uk are they not controlled by the Finanacial Services Authority or Bank of England ?,its a sort of money laundering.Careful to make phone calls to their customer servise almost £1.50 per minute.The worst bank of the century
  • review icon
    Anon on 05 Oct 2010
    I currently work for a branch of Santander within the Glasgow area. I would just like to say that not all santander branches are as unhelpful as I have read here! Most customers coming into my brnach have been satisfied with the service received. All staff should be taking ownership for the customers query. Please bear in mind that santander branches now have 2 more banks customers to deal with due to the takeover of A&L & Bradford & Bingley and we seem to get nothing but complaints regarding these other banks that they have taken over. I actually enjoy my job and really enjoy helping my customers to resolve their queries......PLEASE DO NOT TAR US ALL WITH THE SAME BRUSH!! Thanks x
  • review icon
    Patricia Howarth on 24 Aug 2010
    Hi All - I had read on Internet about the good savings deals Santander were giving and phoned the local branch in the IoM, to be told they only deal with mortgages (it does not say that in the telephone directory). She directed me to Bradford & Bingley or Alliance & leicester on the Island as part of the group. When I told her I wanted to open an account with Santander she confirmed that these companies could not do that and told me to phone Santander direct. She did not give me the phone no. I got an 0800 off the internet but it just rang and rang so I then searched for 'Santander tel no' and got this very informative page on Santander. I too will now now be processing a savings account or current account through Santander. Thanks for all the info everyone - a blessing indeed!
  • review icon
    Ted on 18 Aug 2010
    Thank you all for your reviews. I was tempted to change to Santander, but in view of you comments I will stay with my present bank although not entirely happy with their treatment of their older customers( better the devil )
  • review icon
    Londoner1 on 17 Aug 2010
    Santander no doubt is the worst bank I have come across. Having had a very good credit record with high level of earnings and hardly any credit cards, I heard today that Santander refused credit... When I asked why, they refused to give any explanation at all. I checked my credit file and could not find anything unusual at all. No other bank refused credit in my working career (I am 38). I had cards with LloydsTSB, Barclays, Halifax, without any problems. I even received a mortgage offer from HSBC this month for about 200k. Despite all these, it is very hard to understand what Santander is trying to do - maybe they like to keep away from creditworthy customers but give credit to those who can't offer (this year alone, while working, I came across with at least three people who are living on benefits for years and relying on income support as the only source of income were given £5,000 credit by Santander. These people reported that they wouldn't be able to payback and asked whether there was anyway of escaping paying back that money). Can you believe it? What would you expect from a bank approving credit for people living on state benefits but refusing credit for those with good credit who work and earn a decent income?
  • review icon
    Karen on 16 Aug 2010
    I use the Post Office to bank my business cheques with Alliance & Leic (A&L). The Post Office sent off 923 cheques in one packet to A&L for me, they have credited me with 20. I am now having to use my overdraft, I owe Inland Revenue who are charging me interest, it wont be long before my cheques and debits start being rejected and the best their Customer Service people can do is tell me to ring the customers and find out if the cheques have cleared (all 923!) and then write to us. A friend of mine who works for a branch tells me the new procedures instigated by Santander have caused chaos and I might as well kiss good by to my money.
  • review icon
    Bens Dad on 11 Aug 2010
    My daughter is about to travel in India for six weeks and wanted to find the location of Sandtander Banks and ATMs, she was told that she could not be told until she was in the city where she wanted to use one. WHAT! How on earth can she choose which city or town to go to to get money if she cannot be told beforehand which one has an ATM. I shall be advising her to cancel her account and go elsewhere. What a load of B....cks!!
  • review icon
    Philip Gibbs on 02 Aug 2010
    I've just read all the reviews and am not at all surprised they are all complaints.How can a bank possibly be so dreadful and still exist.Way back in January I applied to make four balance transfers to my Abbey card two were actioned and two were not. So far the tally of letters and Emails is seventeen and still there is no resolution.Seven different people have been involved and with so many is it any wonder they cannot find correspondence.If one person was given the task of dealing with a particular problem until it was resolved maybe they might and I only say might have one happy customer.At present I am waiting for a rely to my letter dated 2nd July asking for a copy of a balance transfer sheet, a simple enough request but I do not hold out much hope I shall receive it. I've passed details to the Financial Ombudsman Service but they are pretty infective as they say give it more time. I dread to think what will become of Alliance & Leicester bank now Santander have taken over. I've been with A & L for over 60 years when it was then known as National Girobank but I shall waste no time in changing if it catches the Santander disease.
  • review icon
    Chris on 29 Jul 2010
    I have waited 15 minutes to be answered at HO. They referred me to my bank as they are unable to close my ISA. They are apparently unable to do anything at HO since change to Santander!Branch do not answer the phone. Appalling - stear clear of this bank
  • review icon
    Dylansmum on 26 Jul 2010
    I have a large amount of money sitting in my First Direct current account waiting for Santander to open my new bond. I tried to find out if my application had been accepted as sometimes new issues can be closed without warning. I got cut off twice from the Santander so called help line. I then got cut off from their complaints line! I eventually spoke to someone who repeated the application number (I had been given by e mail) incorrectly FIVE times in a row. Eventually I was told the money was in my bond account - strange as the money is still showing as being in my current account with First Direct. I had told the operator the amount of the cheque I had sent so I think this was simply a lie to get me off the phone. I am still not sure if my bond has been opened. Poor.
  • review icon
    JonnyG on 19 Jul 2010
    SANTANDER - If you use a Santander Debit card to make purchases then I STRONGLY advise to carry anoth bank card or sufficient cash to cover your purchase. I have just had my card stopped for an on-line purchase with Amazon for £4.97. Two weeks ago the fraud software decided to stop my card when I was purchasing a motorcycle helmet leaving me no other option that to walk half a mile and withdraw money from my other bank. I have been onto them and obtained two numbers to unblock stopped cards. 9am to 5pm most days 01908936096 and then 8am to 8am is 08456038478. I explained rather loudly that their software was too sensitive but the only reply was that they couldn't do anything. I cannot feel safe being stuck in the middle of the country, low on fual, and the card is stopped. I AM MOVING MY MONEY TO A MORE RELIABLE BANK WHERE I KNOW I CAN GET HOLD OF IT WHEN I NEED TO.
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    DaveK on 19 Jul 2010
    Moved from Abbey Current account to Alliance and Leicester-frying pan to fire! Wasn't aware that A&L was the reincarnated appalling GiroBank. Now it's all Santander. Recently tranferred online a large sum from the A&L current account to Abbey eSaver account. Money disappeared for a week,then (luckily) reappeared in the A&L current account. I'm off, maybe try Barclay's again.
  • review icon
    Lynda on 13 Jul 2010
    Well I thought it was just me moaning about Santander! Clearly not. They are a pathetic bunch of people who don't care about their customers. I have been trying for a year to open an account for my Grandson, what a joke! It still hasn't materialised, they never get back to me, this includes Customer Services Dept. I have asked for all my paperwork to be returned to me and this hasn't. I would hate this to be in their system and got into the wrong hands! I have banked with Abbey for a long time and never ever experienced staff who don't really care what you think, an IT department who cannot get their sytems to work. And then....an advert to say Santander would pay £100 to new customers. Unbelievable.
  • review icon
    Ian on 02 Jul 2010
    i agree with everyone here- they have just written to myself and my mother- to close our acounts- who have been customers for over 15 years! maybe its because we dont have much money in them -and not overdrawn- so probably not making them a profit! I would be interested to hear from anyone else if they too have had their accounts closed by them?
  • review icon
    Barbara on 25 Jun 2010
    I was about to ring Santander Head Office in London to complain about the appalling service given now that my ASDA MasterCard is due for renewal at the end of June 2010. I have rung the Customer Services department (which they confirmed is in India), on three occasions since 16 June, to be told each time that my new card was despatched (apparently from Newcastle) to my home address on 15 June, but that I should expect to have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for it to reach me in Essex! Incidentlly, I was also told by one female adviser that once my new card was despatched, the current one would not be valid - this was utter rubbish as I have used it on numerous occasions since. No-one, but no-one could offer me any explanation as to why it should take so long for a card to travel within the UK, and there was no-one to whom I could address my complaint. However, having read the comments on the Banco Santander Home page, I realise that I will be wasting both my time and my money in trying to get a positive response from this inefficient excuse for an international bank. If my card should ever arrive, I will immmediately cut it up and return whence it came. Thank God I don't have any money in Santander.
  • review icon
    Jim Woodley on 23 Jun 2010
    Having worked in the banking industry for some thirty five years I have been surprised at the lack of knowledge exhibited by branch staf. On trying to close a maturing ISA I was told that I would forfeit all interest if I closed the account. I was then told that unless I could produce my passport and two other forms of identification, as well as the passbook etc., I could not get a cheque for the proceeds. For Chrissake the passport is good enough for me to leave and enter the country more or less at will, let alone an original request from the local water company. In my day we had to be taking our AIB qualifications to be let loose on the public, nowadays anything seems to be acceptable for customers., Absolute bl--dy disaster!!
  • review icon
    Simon on 18 Jun 2010
    I have read most of the reveiews and I agree totally with everybody that has written, Santander are the pits! I was lucky enough to be given a fairly large amount of money by a family member is a form of a cheque, I asked Lloyds who I also bank with how long this will take to clear and they advised the standard 4 working days, I also asked Santander who I have a current account with and they advised the same so I thought as my salary gets paid into Santander I will pay it there, mistake ! On the 5th day still no cleared funds, 6th day nothing, 7th the same, I called them to be told that my cheque had cleared on the 4th working but because it was a large amount they decided to extend the clearance process, why to gainnmore interest? I have since transferred the money to Lloyds!
  • review icon
    Christopher Johns on 15 Jun 2010
    I have had most of the problems described below, probably more as we are tied to them in Spain as we were (poorly) advised to take out a mortgage with UCI, another Grupo Santander company. We were told , two minutes before completion was due, that to pay the mortgage monthly payments we would have to bank with Santander Bank, at a location of their choice, which wasn't our choice. We fell for the UK bank's supposed 3.2% if you pay in £1000 per 'month'. Afer 10 months we have finally been told, in a response to one of our complaints, what their definition of 'a month' is, which now explains why we haven't been getting the 3.2% for several of these months. I'm getting tired of telling anyone I meet that Grupo Santander is the worst organisation of any type, in any country, that I have ever come across. At the root of the problem I suspect is that it is a Spanish company, and a Spanish Bank at that. Most companies in Spain, unlike the natives, seem to be very ARROGANT (take Iberia for example). Then it would appear that all Spanish Banks (with the possible exception of Solbank, which is by no means perfect) are perfectly bloody awful and incredibly ARROGANT. The natives will concur here I believe. So its not surprising that Santander Bank is so, so bad, and ARROGANT, they are just being the same as they are in Spain. It is very worrying that they appear to be hell-bent on expanding in this country. Have nothing whatever to do with them. They have a sicko at the top and, like Ryanair, this permeates down like a rod of steel. There is nothing you can do about it except ... have NOTHING to do with them and their ARROGANCE.
  • review icon
    Not Given on 08 Jun 2010
    The worst bank in the 21st century! My daughter and my mother are getting the most appalling service and ineptitude ever witnessed in the shortest space of time! My poor daughter has had her overdraft cancelled without authorisation and my elderly mother who has been waiting for birthday money from abroad has been told it has been lost. When it was Abbey there were never any problems and now we have to go to Ludgate Hill with the hope that the money will be traced. All their operatives are in India and cannot be understood. READ THIS SANTANDER, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER OR LOSE CUSTOMERS - ALL CUSTOMERS WILL HAVE TO VOTE WITH THEIR FEET!!!!
  • review icon
    Denise on 07 Jun 2010
    Hmmm. Unfortunately I agree with the accounts here. It took four weeks for Santander to come back and tell me they were not going to give me an account, despite being in a good job, having zero debt and being very healthily in credit in too banks outside England... When I asked why they told me they couldnt tell me and when I asked for a contact number they never came back to me. I opened an account with a competitor. Quite disappointing as they trade relatively strongly which made me think that they may be well run. Wrong
  • review icon
    Mr Unhappy on 03 Jun 2010
    Nearly eight weeks ago we transferred money from an existing Bradford & Bingley account to a Santander ISA account and that is the last we have seen of it. We phone to progress the transfer, we have E Mailed, from those activities we receive fob off\'s or silence. There are no words of reassurance or we know where your money is and it will be sorted in \"X\" days etc. In all my life dealing with banks these are the worst ever
  • review icon
    Deborah Kent on 02 Jun 2010
    DONT TOUCH SANTANDER WITH A BARGE POLE! ive had isa\'s for a number of years with nationwide, BM, and barclays. All no problems at all. i decided to change isa provider as rates were very low to ABBEY (part of santander) last august 2009, they offered me 3% with direct isa issue 3.annual interest.gr8 i thought, followed my a/c online. During Nov/Dec 2009 had small booklet announcing Abbey was changing name to Santander and also several accounts would be changing name too,and interest rates changing. MY a/c was not listed to be changed so i did nothing. I checked my a/c on interest anniversary date and found my interest added -OH YES - but at a rate of 0.10%???? and my a/c changed to EASY ISA. OK i may not have been that vigilant. So i rang santander to sort it out. They said they could not sort it over the phone? doh! this was an internet/phone account. So i trekked into town and formed an orderly queue in santander branch. Eventually spoke to reception person who told me they were busy so had to wait 30 minutes (fine). Then called into little booth and spoke to a SAMANTHA DODGE. She seemed to totally understand my problem and PROMISED that head office (IN SPAIN) would reimburse my 3% interest backdated to when i opened account. PLUS she would transfer my account to a higher 2.75% isa account. She told me to wait 2 weeks for this to happen. After 2 weeks NOTHING. so i rang her and complained. She said it may take longer ??/well how long you know!! she promised to get information and ring me the following SATURDAY (NO PHONE CALL). My a/c is still the same after wasting 3 weeks when i could transfer elsewhere, (which im in process of doing). NEVER HAVE I HAD SUCH BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  • review icon
    Juliepelle on 01 Jun 2010
    went too my local branch this morning to pay in some money1june .quesed for55 minutes only to watch a young asian member of staff take cash and paying in slip from another asian family behind me and give a promt personel service too deposit the cash ahead of 30 or so queing customers so they didnt have too wait ,scary what ways santander are excepting money these days i was pissed cause i just think where are all the legal checks if you can deposit without even getting too the till this banks gone too the dogs and when it colllapses my money wont be there thank god.
  • review icon
    Mayur G on 19 May 2010
    Since Bradford and Bingley (Leicester) got taken over by Santander, the only positive thing has been a change of decoration. The service level is appalling, the staff at the branch are rude and the Indian cashiers are anti to their own kind! The level of service and customer care at this branck is absolutely rubbish. I will not complain to the branch or head office, though I have verbally made my point to these \'people\' (as if they care), but rather, coolly take my money else where. Dont complain but walk away with your investments.
  • review icon
    Never Mind on 18 May 2010
    hello all, i am not going to mention my name as i used to work for Santander credit card services. I worked for them for just over a year and found that the general attitude from management was we don\'t care about our customers and are only concerned with making money. I had also spoken to a number of higher management staff and found this attitude was only confirmed by them. I had a number of accounts with abbey before the take over and have closed down all accounts. I have found that with regards to fraud, I was amazed the amount of fraud which takes place on customers accounts not only by external people but also by internal staff. My advice to anybody with accounts or any products from Santander is to close these products and find a more secure bank which actually cares about their customers. I don\'t expect people just to believe me so I will confirm that I got the job through and agency called Temping direct which is basd in leighton Buzzard and I worked in Milton keynes Central offices !!.
  • review icon
    B Stephenson on 10 May 2010
    I found my debit/bank card stopped for no reason. Tried to call Santander, and went through the most frustrating telephone system before I got to speak to anyone, who then asked me exactly the same questions as the automated system did (several times as I was cut off on my first attempt). Gave up and went down to my local branch to try and sort it out, but they could see no blocks on my account. Called Paypal, and they confirmed that the account had indeed been blocked, so got on the phone to waste another 10 minutes to try and get through to some sort of intelligent life form. Eventually got through to a young lady that informed me that the card was stopped as I had used it overseas. So I replied, my job as a pilot takes me out of the country, as it has done so for the last 7 years with the current company that I work for, so what has changed, as I have used the account without any hitch all this time! Furthermore if they were going to change the terms and conditions of the account, I asked if it would be a good idea not to inform the CUSTOMER? I was told that this had been in place for at least 2 years now, to which it clearly hasnt, as this is the first time I my card had been stopped. It was even more confusing as it was only blocked with Paypal, and I could still withdraw cash at the ATM and purchase goods at teh supermarket etc (work that one out...if it blocked then surely it means you cant use the card?) Anyways, spoke to a supervisor who informs me that every time that I go to work I have to call them to tell them what country I am going to! (Lets hope that I dont have any last minute changes!) On this crazy basis I asked for a direct telephone number, read back the number over the phone, and....yep you guessed it, it comes up with a \"number not recognised\" recording! What levels of stupidity will banks stoop to with thier customers? Surely Santander have more than one customer who\'s work involves lots of travel out of the UK?
  • review icon
    G on 09 May 2010
    Probably the only bank in UK where online transaction still take 4days... they don\'t know when they can match other banks in online services... today morning 09thmay 2010 their online log in has crashed and now their call centre server.. when confronted they blame visa but i have visa service with other bank hallifax which is experienceing no such diffculties... horrible waiting times on phone..
  • review icon
    Sue Groves on 09 May 2010
    I have been with Alliance & Leicester for a while I went in last week to to open an ISA as advertised - good rates etc. after queing for about 15 mins and still three people in front of me I decided to come back on a week day. I went in on Friday and was told that this ISA had finished - I had the leaflet from the previous week and said that nothing was on it about it being finishing. Apparently it had been taken \'off\' the previous day. I was offered anothr \'Product\' at a much lower interest rate, I declined. then the young woman asked if I had an account there I told her yes, oh in that case you can have one at 3.2% interest fixed for two years, not bad - I said I would have one. She said just as long as you pay in £1000 a month. Well I dont earn that much so I said why do you have to give the best deals to those who earn more what is it with this country that wants the higher paid people to get more and us ledsser earners get sod all!!! I am my lower earnings to a bank that deserves my money.
  • review icon
    Janet Somerton on 30 Apr 2010
    DON\'T GO ANYWHERE NEAR SANTANDER FOR BANKING - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! I have the misfortune of having a number of accounts with them and I\'ve had no end of problems. The latest was when I tried to make a time-critical pension payment electronically and they stopped it without telling me so I missed being able to contribute in the appropriate year. Their telephone people are dismissive, the process governs all operations not the customer, and the \'team managers\' are a complete waste of time, getting argumentative and making no attempt to solve the problem - or even offer solutions ... the answer is always, this is how we do things!! You can then disappear into their \'Dissatisfaction\' process where you are given a number - which of course is how you\'ve felt all along anyway! I\'m so frustrated now, and so certain that this won\'t be the end of my problems (as I\'ve had different ones over the last 3 months, all to do with their systems, not my financial viability) that I\'ll have to move despite the hassle. Whatever you do, AVOID AVOID AVOID!
  • review icon
    Rosie on 27 Apr 2010
    I went into Banco Santander in Sevenoaks or open an ISA account as they are paying by far the best interest of anyone. However, the lady was very rude to me and told me that there was nobody to help me and I would have to come back and even then, she could not guarantee that there would be someone to help and that the rate quoted for the ISA is ending on Saturday so I need to open it quick. Would not now touch them with a bargepole and after reading all the other reviews will go somewhere where they appreciate the money, even if the interest is not quite as good.
  • review icon
    Linda Scott on 27 Apr 2010
    After reading the reviews about your bank, I was very disappointed and shocked to learn about its lack of customer care and service and theft, I have decided to get some advice from am experienced person before changing my bank account. Obviously, I do not want to go from the frying pan into the fire!!!!
  • review icon
    Tony Woodmansee on 26 Apr 2010
    Its a joke this bank no one should use it, all atempts to spend my own money failed, when coming across this problem i went to the branch and asked to speak to a manager, the way the manager was dressed, i thought that i was speaking to the cleaner, I asked this alleged manager for a card, and got a A4 size paper with Maria Farbrace written on in pen, no number, she had no interest in my problem and we have closed our accounts, I got the impression its spanish attitude on a British high st. is not acceptable here, none of the banks are brilliant but this one should not be on our high streets.
  • review icon
    Nick Cotter on 25 Apr 2010
    Santander constantly block our business banking credit card. By constantly I mean 100% of the time. We are unable to get to the bottom of it as we\'re always told \"it\'s an automated system\". A terrible case of \"computer says no\". It\'s clearly in place to protect Santander, not the customer. I know others who have had similar trouble - in one case blocking a transfer to a solicitor during a house purchase, which almost fell through. We\'re moving to another bank for our business. In short, never, ever use them.
  • review icon
    Alan Bennett on 14 Apr 2010
    I am with Allience and Leicester merged with Santander. I tried to speak to a member of staff at Management level after speaking to some young girl in the Call Centre who had no idea what I was talking about and tried to put words into my mouth when I confronted her abhout what she had told me. When I then asked to speak to someone higher than her she told me there was nobody I could speak to and that she had made notes on my file. Well if she had no idea what I was talking about how could she make notes and heaven alone knows what they say. I then DEMANDED to speak with a Manager, she put me on hold for a while and to everyone\'s surprise... Nobody I could talk to. I\'m going into my Branch tomorrow and demand to speak with the Branch Manager, who I\'m guessing is not going to be there... By the way did you know that the new 0844 number has a 10p connection charge then generated 3p a minute for Santander\'s coffers. That\'s why there is so many push button options the longer they keep you on line the more money it generates for Santander. One line run 24 hours a day 7 days a week generates £15,768 a year for Santander if it\'s in constant use and how many lines will they have 100 maybe 200?
  • review icon
    Jeremy Sandle on 12 Apr 2010
    An update! My mortgage from Santander had no minimum rate just .85% over annual 1 year Euribor. So when it came to the annual review I get a call asking if I would like a fix at 4.5% but I had to agree in 48 hours. I pointed out that as I had no mimimum rate this would mean I was paying well over what I have contracted to pay. Eventually they agreed this was the case but didnt feel it necessary to apologise. They then deduct interest payments assuming I had a minimum of 3%. They refused to respond to emails. I went to the Strand branch in London to ask for help. they called the Bank in Fuengirola who said they would have to obtain a copy of my mortgage deed from madrid. I had taken mine in so we faxed it to them. They then started charging the correct amount. I want to raise a formal complaint but they refuse to hear me. I would leave if there wasnt a 1% penalty exit. Alsolute bastards.
  • review icon
    R.field on 23 Mar 2010
    Reading the reviews below has worried me enough to get out of Alliance and Leicester, which i have been with for over 20 years, and in to a known Brit Bank.
  • review icon
    David on 17 Mar 2010
    This bank cancelled a direct debit to repay a loan on their books. Now they have registered detrimental financial information against the borrower for non-payment of the direct debit they cancelled. The Customer Service member who we discussed it with says it is our reponsibility to check that payments are being made. How can we make a payment if they wont re-instate the direct debit?Is there a Solicitor who will take on this bank for the damage they have caused to an innocent persons reputation?
  • review icon
    J Warren on 03 Mar 2010
  • review icon
    JOHN on 25 Feb 2010
    My god i\'m not alone i opened a bank account with Abbey in Sept 09 i have never used the account as it\'s active one day and not the next they have sent me three card endless online banking detais. After FOUR AND A HALF HOURS on the phone last week they promised it would be sorted out even upgraded my account So today i went to get a balance the atm took my card...endless calls to india so i phoned the head office only to find out they had blocked my account TOOK THE £10.00 ACCOUNT CHARGE and didn\'t and have refused to put the overdraft on. If anyone gets any problems DEMAND to speak to a manager at their head office 0870 6076000 WORST BANK EVER
  • review icon
    F Dubberley on 21 Jan 2010
    Complete disaster. We moved our current account to Santander Dec 08. Had security problems with using my card, which they never resolved, despite me complaining at least 10 if not 15 times. Bank blamed my mb phone co for top up problems, yet there was no option to top-up at any cashpoint - how can that possibly be the mb phone co\'s fault? Counter service is dreadful. Even in closing our account they did badly. It took them almost 3 weeks to close it, and they ignored our request to transfer the balance to our new account, and sent a cheque to us instead
  • review icon
    Sarah Brown on 21 Jan 2010
    Santader/ Abbey National are by far the worst bank i have ever banked with. They never get back to you and they dont make you feel valued in any way at all.They pass you to pillar to posts when you call them. I had some fraud done on my account which was not my fault, it took Abbey 3 weeks to investigate and give me my money back, i closed all my accounts with them after this inccident and they put a block against my name so i couldnt open a new account with any other bank. SHABBY ABBEY HAVE MADE MY LIFE A NIGHTMARE.....PEOPLE OUT THERE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!
  • review icon
    Trevor Tolkien on 16 Nov 2009
    We have been with Santander since moving to Spain 5 years ago. No problems, no charges despite going overdrawn a couple of times. Sending money to the UK fast and efficient. Lloyds rips us off with bad rate AND charges. Would reccommend my branch in Baena without hesitation.
  • review icon
    Marion on 28 Jan 2009
    they took over ge money,left no contact number,no details so that we could pay our loan off,its been very,very,very annoying,not the bank for me EVER.
  • review icon
    Eric on 25 Nov 2008
    I thought that now Alliance & Leicester was part of Santander I would be able to draw funds from a Santander ATM at no charge. Hohoho.
  • review icon
    Ahmad Reza on 12 Nov 2008
    I have opened an account with Santander on 2007 and I had the account, I had my daily transactions with it\'s debit mastercard, after that I requested for issuance of a Platinum Visa Card and they told me as I am a non-resident, I must have a security margin with amount of 5000 EUR, I let them to deduct my account with this amount but after 1 month they decided to close my account! When I asked why you want to do this, they told me this is an internal reason and we don\'t have to provide a reason! They told me that we will send your money free to any account you provide, after I sent my Italian account details, they sent the amount to this account but there were a 25 EUR fee that was taken from my full amount!!! Don\'t go near them!! I suggest la Caixa bank as it is an ideal bank!
  • review icon
    AMANDA CLARE on 02 Oct 2008
  • review icon
    Hugh on 28 Jul 2008
    I opened an account with Banco SANTANDER about EIGHT years ago through my Bank (RBS)in order to save over my working years for a retirement place in Spain. I opened the account with £300 and then RBS pulled out of the deal with Banco Santander within weeks. I had no means of getting at my money or adding to that deposited. Earlier this month, and after 8 years, I received an account statement from them. With no transactions in or out for 8 years, this bank has screwed me 3+ euros a month \"maintainance\" charges. My initial investment after 8 years with this outfit are worth a third of what I put in, about 120 euros. Phone calls to this non English speaking business are costly and fruitless. The worst BANK on the planet, avoid at all costs.
  • review icon
    Jeremy Sandle on 02 Jul 2008
    I opened my account with Santander at Haymarket in London and they organised the account to be opened in Fuengirola. All worked out fine till they introduced the requirement to have a Spanish mobile to receive a text message to allow you to transfer funds out of your account. As I had no Sp mobile I was asked to send in certfied copies of passport to effect a transaction. Eventually they dropped the text to a spanish mobile requirment. The Scottish guy manning the International desk in Fuengirola was thrown in at the deep end with no Spanish language and he was an absolute star, but he left. I have funds in a sterling account which I want converted back to Euros. I had to send a handwritten instruction to the branch which they say they didnt receive. They have since asked for it to be resent and acknowledged receipt. But the funds have still not been transferred causing massive financial difficulty. I understand all Spanish banks are bad but this is the pits. I would never recommed anyone to go near them.
  • review icon
    Peter Davis on 14 Apr 2008
    I have held an account with Banco Santander in Salamanca since 2005. In 2007 for reasons of convenience I decided to move this account to their branch in Calahonda. I called at the branch in March 2007 where I was advised to transfer 100 euros from Salamanca to Calahonda to open the account, which I did. Since that date I have been trying without success to close the Salamanca account and tranfer the money. How do you get this shower to respond to communications??? PS Have you tried to take advantage of the link between Abbey and Santander? Don\'t bother!
  • review icon
    Pete Ashford on 27 Feb 2008
    I am a Santander shareholder, In the PR mag sent out , there was an offer to open a bank account, with a free Lewis Hamilton baseball hat. I applied and after sending two lots of I.D. 2 months ago I still havent had my application approved, and worst still, I have not received my free baseball hat ! What an absolute totally incompetent shower. The few grand I had has gone elsewhere.
  • review icon
    Bernard Dey on 22 Feb 2008
    This is not a review, but a srtong complaint. I have two accounts in your Velez Malaga branch in southern Spain and have been trying since 3rd December 2007 to get the funds in this account transferred to an account i the UK. I telephoned and wrote on two occasions to an English employee at the bank who has since moved on, but nothing happened. I subsequenlty contacted Veronica Adoni at your Strand ofice and filled in the apprpriate forms to confirm the transfer. She later telephoned me to contact the Director in Velez and he would arrange everything, this was 10 days ago and still nothing. On top of this one of the accounts should have been placed in a deposit account in May 2007at 2.5%, but instead I have had bank charges deducted. I am getting desperate, keeping my money like this is tantamount to theft. If I get no response I will be forced to contact the banking Ombudsman(or whoever is the appropriate Person).

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