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Bank: Banco Popular Espanol

This is our Banco Popular Espanol Bank page. We have listed the full address of Banco Popular Espanol, phone numbers and websites. Banco Popular Espanol is in London, Banco Popular Espanol offers online banking, online saving and phone banking in London. We have bank phone numbers, fax numbers, bank maps of every local bank in London.

Bank Rank
Banco Popular Espanol
19b Craven Road
London, W2 3BP
Phone: 020 74027393
Fax: 020 74027835

All Bank Reviews

* David Grant

I opened a Banco Popular in Altea Spain, as We sold our property. We were originaly advised at the the bank that to process a French bankers draft cheque would take 2/3 days....only after we opened the account were we advised it would take up to one month. As we had no way out of our situation we let the bank deal with it, but did ask what charges would be made or be incurred. we were told nothing as we oped a cuenta Con card. One month later we got our money after much hassle 40 e-mails and 40 phone calls....BANCO POPULAR (not so popular)made a charge of Euros 3,906.00....yes thats right but they halved it to Euros 1,853....unjustified,outragious. the director even said its great value? what planet do these people live on. Beware of excessive charges !!!! by this bank or any other bank. get things in writing first, dont be told later we advertise our charges on the we all walk around with a laptop whilst opening a bank account. Unacceptable daylight robbery, Ive been mugged big time. always ask for a Spanish bankers draft cheque or even better, ensure the monies are cleared in your account first before handing keys over and signing the escritura/contact...get your own lawyer as a seller and dont just rely on the Notary that doesnt carry as much weight in the Legal world. ...

May 25, 2010
* wright

Banco popular closed? does anyone know if they still have an office in London. non of the numbers week. thanks....

Feb 15, 2010
* Mary Dean

Is Banco Popular Paddington Closed?...

Dec 8, 2008
* Mary Dean

Is Banco Popular Paddington Closed?...

Dec 8, 2008
* Kenneth Palmer

Address of bank shown is out of date. Please correct....

Nov 7, 2008

Banco Popular Espanol Map:
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